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For decades, Rose Brand has played a leading role in making our customers’ productions look their very best. Select a featured production below to see how we’ve worked to make our clients proud!

ShowStoppers Layered Curtains, Wynn Las Vegas

Multi-layered curtains produced a gorgeous scenic effect for the ShowStoppers musical at the Wynn Las Vegas Encore Theatre.

A gorgeous Contour Curtain (lit purple) framed the stage, while the backdrop was made from layers of Shimmer Organza fabric in 200% fullness. Metal Beaded curtains, placed in front of the Shimmer Organza at stage left, right and center, added even more depth.

Additional Rose Brand components in the production included Classic Star Drops for a border, legs, and drop; and an Austrian Curtain sewn from Frazzle fabric.
Design: Ric Lipson of Stufish
General Manager: Rick Gray of Wynn Design & Development
Photos: Joan Marcus