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Rope Bags

Are you looking for a dependable rope bag? See our great selection below! All rope bags require about 1 week lead time to ship. Call or email for additional sizes/styles.
NOTE: There are no returns allowed on these items.

Personal Protective Equipment Disclaimer:
Vertical rope access, rescue and/or other vertical techniques and associated activities are dangerous and have inherent risks and dangers. Failure to properly use, apply, store, service, and/or maintain PPE and vertical access equipment may result in severe injury, paralysis, or death. The customer is responsible for proper training in the use of any and all personal protective equipment. Rose Brand assumes no liability for the use or misuse of any equipment - use at your own risk.

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Bluewater Rope Cauldron

Pop up, adjustable height rope bag.
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Bluewater Ropes Ultrafast Rope Bag

Flake rope onto the attached 58" x 38" tarp and roll it into the bag!
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Petzl Bucket Rope Bags

Waterproof fabric pack that stays upright, has an external pocket for personal items and window for ID card.
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