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Rose Brand specializes in Custom Projection Screens in any size or shape, welded and finished to your specifications. All screens are designed for excellent color rendering and good contrast, with wide viewing angles. They’re also durable, washable and Inherently Flame Retardant. Projection Screen materials can also be purchased by the yard. For a quote or more information, contact us by phone at 800-223-1624 or via email at customerservice@rosebrand.com.

Rose Brand® Premium Projection Screens
Rose Brand Premium PVC projection screens are the highest quality custom PVC screens available. They offer clearly superior PVC material and nearly invisible seams. Choose from front, rear or dual-use materials in virtually any shape or size. Go >

Rosco Projection Screens
Our custom Rosco PVC projection screens are another excellent choice for front and rear projection. Available in standard rectangular formats. Go >

Rose Brand® Projection Fabrics
Some of our fabrics offer an outstanding alternative to traditional PVC screens such as Muslin, Voile, Tendo, Boost, Textilene, Poly Silk and Scrim. Fabric screens tend to be more lightweight and therefore more easily portable than PVC. A number of these fabrics also come in extra-wide widths, providing totally seamless projection quality.

Download our Guide to Projection Materials here for Specs and Charts on all our projection materials in one place, or see individual charts on each product page.

Also check out Screen Goo, which turns any paintable surface into a high performance projection screen.

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