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Case Study: Lightweight Motion Solutions on a Budget

Comet of 1812 Chandelier
Dream bigger…and less expensively! Lightweight Motion Solutions are now a fraction of their former cost. So now you can invent prop, lighting and scenery effects that you thought were previously out of the realm of possibility. Case in point, our friends at “Natashia, Pierre and the Comet of 1812” wanted to choreograph the up and down movement of 37 chandeliers to music. Instead of paying over a million dollars for an alternative solution, they used 37 of our DMX controlled Winch 10LX products to easily achieve the effect at about 10% of the cost.

Not only has cost been reduced, but we've made the rigging easier. Our DMX Winch 10LX features an integrated electrical circuit in its lifting line. It eliminates the expense, time and mess associated with rigging a secondary electrical circuit. The winch’s small form factor allows it to be mounted practically anywhere, so there’s no need for dedicated battens and rigging systems. Users can easily set precise and repeatable positions with 16-bit DMX. The Winch 10LX is just one of many winches in our DMX Winch line. Winches vary in speed and load capacity.

Other products within our low cost DMX scenery automation line include:

DMX Roll Drum -– amazingly affordable; available in custom lengths up to 39 ft. Use it to control the up and down motion of projection screens, fabric backdrops, curtains and more. Price isn’t the only reason you’ll love this product. Unlike other roll drums, the motor is fully located within the roll tube itself. This means no bulky, external motor boxes; no drive chains; and no limit boxes or timing belts.

DMX Track Runner -- motorized scenery carrier for Triple E Unibeam track. Use up to 9 carriers on a single run of track and control each carrier independently via DMX for cool, choreographed lighting and scenery effects. Pulls objects up to 220 lbs.

DMX Scenery Rotator -- resembles a mirror ball motor, but it’s more powerful. DMX offers speed control and rotational positioning, which allows you to stop the rotation anywhere you need. It has a 3/4in shaft for mounting scenic elements up to 110lbs. Rotate flats, signs, glassless mirror panels, doors, gates, conveyor belts, clock-hands, etc.

DMX Mini Motor -- solves the most annoying small problems in scenery and prop construction i.e., how to motorize small scenic elements and control them easily and affordably.

DMX Lifting Column -- simple solution for building a lightweight lift into scenery or props, or for use in stage lighting rigs. Easily controlled via any DMX Console, multiple DMX Columns can be daisy chained together to quickly build complex choreography of moving elements.

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Comet of 1812 Single Chandelier Comet of 1812 Single Chandelier Comet of 1812 Single Chandelier

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