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Film & Video Fabrics, Paints & Tape

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We carry a large assortment of fabrics, paints and tape products geared to the film and video industry.

No one sells more masking fabric than we do. It comes in various widths and weights. In addition to basic black, we have Comando Cloth & Duvetyne in colors as well.

Use our muslin fabrics for drops, cycs or surrounds on soft or hard flats. We also have coated fabrics that protect against the elements outdoors.

Diffusion fabrics are used to soften and diffuse lights for film, television and photo shoots. Depending on the fabric selected it can bring the light down from 1/4 to a full stop.

High Heat fabrics protect the set from the intense heat generated by lighting. They offer protection against temperatures up to 1800 degrees.

For green screen or blue screen effects, we carry both Chroma Key and Digital Key fabrics for use in film and video media. If you need something inherently flame retardant, use our Poly Pro variety.

Other accessories for the film & video industry include gaffer's tape in various colors, keying tape & paint, apple boxes, video paint and more.

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