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ADC ConTour Winch

Our newest range of winches and machines from ADC® allows you to control these products with the automation system of your choice, including Art-Net or sACN. For the first time, control your equipment from a modern lighting desk without sacrificing the safety and sophistication that you expect in professional automation.

Lifting a venetian curtain, flying in a beautifully lit moon box, or rigging and tripping props and special effects all require specialized equipment to successfully pull off the vision of a set designer or director. Rose Brand provides you with a wide range of professional winches, line shafts systems, chain motors, and even manual spot line systems to create the effect that your show or event requires. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs at 1-800-223-1624.

As you can see below, our new line of ADC brand products begins with the introduction of the exceptional ADC ConTour™ winch. Keep an eye on this page over the coming weeks for more products within the new ADC control-agnostic product lineup.

The following video shows a behind-the-scenes peek at an early, development test of the new ConTour winch, rigged to lift a curtain in the background and some lines of lighter and heavier weight sandbags in the foreground.

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ADC Axis1™ Touch Controller

The Axis1 Programmable Touch Controller for ADC ConTour™ Winches and the T-Lift 2.0 combines the ease of use of a pendant with the sophistication of a cue/scene/group programming station.
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ADC ConTour™ Winch

The amazing, new ADC ConTour Winch offers reliable, accurate, affordable theatrical automation that operates on Art-Net and is packed with safety features. A professional grade, zero fleet spotline winch, perfect for scenery, lighting & props up to 50 lbs
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