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Case Study: Arched Frame and Lighting Surface for Concert Tour

Arched Frame and Stretch Shapes
Working on the design for the Dispatch Summer tour, lighting designer Marc Janowitz asked us to create a floating visual surface for the tour’s lighting design. Janowitz’s concept relied on several rings of triangular stretch shapes floating in an arc 30ft in diameter, onto which he would project colored and textured lighting. Since the tour locations were mostly outdoors, concerns for wind and the elements had to be taken into account, as well as the typical fast, easy, tool-free load-in required by music touring in general.

We produced both the stretch shapes and the arched, modular frame to house them. Our frame design consisted of interlocking units held together with detente pins, which could be hung from truss or pipe in short order. Each subsequent frame stiffened the overall structure as it was assembled. The triangular stretch shapes shipped attached to each frame, to speed up load-ins, but could easily be replaced in case of dirt or damage.

Printhead Studio, our internal digital printing division, provided several hundred feet of printed truss borders to extend the lighting visuals. The prints had a Velcro™ tear-away webbing in case of high winds.

In the end, Rose Brand provided the custom sized stretch shapes, as well as the technical design, fabrication, and digital printing necessary to bring the design to life.

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Arched Frame Drawings and frame Arched Frame and Stretch Shapes unlit

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