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DMX Light Duty Motion Solutions

DMX Motion SolutionsBack side view of our Wahlberg DMX Winches atop a Contour Curtain.

Our DMX Light Duty Motion Solution products cut the cost and time involved with controlling the programmed movement of lightweight scenic pieces. The products use DMX for control, in a manner that’s both sensible and practical.

Use the DMX Winches to lift the pick lines of a contour curtain individually, at one quarter the cost it might otherwise require. You can also use the winches for chandeliers, practicals, moon boxes, and other common set pieces.

The DMX Roll Drum is available in custom lengths up to 39 ft. Uniquely, the motor is fully located within the roll tube itself. This means no external, no bulky motor boxes, no drive chains, no limit boxes or timing belts.

The DMX Track Runner is a motorized scenery carrier for Triple E Unibeam track. The motor drives a pinion gear, which meets a rack mounted on the underside of the Unibeam. Electrical buss bars mounted to the track, mate with brushes on the Track Runner to provide power to the motor. A wireless DMX box completes the set up. The result is a fully independent, wireless drive carrier on the Unibeam, capable of pulling up to 220 lbs (100Kg).

The DMX Scenery Rotator resembles a mirror ball motor, but it’s more powerful. DMX offers speed control and rotational positioning, which allows you to stop the rotation anywhere you need. It has a 3/4in shaft for mounting scenic elements up to 110lbs (50Kg). Use it for rotating objects such as flats and signs, glassless mirror panels, doors, gates, conveyor belts, and clock-hands.

The DMX Mini Motor will solve the most annoying small problems in scenery and prop construction – how to motorize small scenic elements and control them easily and affordably.

The DMX Lifting Column is a simple solution for building a lightweight lift into scenery or props or for use in stage lighting rigs. Easily controlled via any DMX Console, multiple DMX Columns can be daisy chained together to quickly build complex choreography of moving elements.

DMX Light Duty Motion Solutions Overview. Thanks to Stage Directions Magazine for the footage.

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