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ADC T-Lift 2.0™

Introducing the redesigned ADC T-Lift 2.0™
Rig Your Automated Curtain Lift System In Minutes Instead of Days

“Saves a ton of on-site labor whether for permanent or touring installations”


T-Lift 2.0 is the easiest, fastest automated curtain rigging system ever. Just ask Hootie & the Blowfish. They’re using the new ADC T-Lift 2.0 (patent pending) system on their 44-city tour.

The TLift 2.0 system is “automatic.” Crews need minimal supervision because it’s “ready-to rig” in familiar modular truss sections. Its new self-aligning shaft means you just bolt the modules together and hang the drape. “Quick Connect” lift lines attach to the drums in seconds and allow you to leave the lines rigged into the curtain between tour stops.

Aircraft cable has been replaced with flat, ½" nylon lines that are just as strong and safe, yet silent and snarl-free. Place lift lines and sheaves almost anywhere along the shaft with the newly designed open bottom "U" truss. Comes with servo motor and controller.

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Self-aligning shaft enables quick assembly.

Open Bottom Truss

Open Bottom Truss for nearly limitless sheave and line positioning.


Quick Connect

"Quick Connect" lift lines stay rigged into curtain between tour stops.

Servo Motor

Small, quiet, powerful servo motor and controller.




Easy to Rig

Easy-to-rig modular truss system packaged to tour.


T-Lift 2.0

SIZE 14" x 14" x 10, 8, & 6 ft sections, black powder coat (dwg. available on request)
WEIGHT 20 lbs / ft (based on 3 sheaves per 10 ft)
RATED LIFT CAPACITY 600 lb. curtain capacity in standard configuration. Alternate motor and gearing solutions available for heavier loads or faster speeds.
SPEED1" - 36" per second
MOTOR AC Brushless Servo Motor (4 HP equivalent)
POWER 208 3Ø Standard 15A
CONTROL Pendant, relay, show control or Touch Screen


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T-Lift 2.0
ADC’s Modular Line Shaft System redesigned for touring and versatility.

Standard modules of customized touring truss create a robust motorized line shaft with any number of lines. Install a multi-line lift system virtually anywhere you can hang a truss - quickly, easily, safely.

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