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Fire Curtains

Rose Brand offers Fire Curtain design, fabrication, and rigging installation. All of our Fire Curtain systems are designed, manufactured and installed according to NFPA80 and ANSI E1.22-2009 standards. We use 40 oz., NON-ASBESTOS, high temperature coated fiber glass fabric, available in beige or black.

Fire Safety Curtains provide a fire and smoke barrier that separates the stage house from the auditorium in the event of fire. It will automatically close to provide theatre patrons extra time to safely evacuate. Local building and fire codes vary and require different types of fire protection. Most states use the National Fire Protection Association’s code as a base (https://www.nfpa.org/), either adopting it completely and creating additional sections, or adopting sections of it and adding their own sections. Contact us and we will work with you on a custom Fire Safety Curtain System that meets your requirements.

The most common installations are Straight Lift Curtains and Brail Lift Systems.

  • Up to 1 hour fire and smoke protection.
  • Designed as a fire and smoke barrier separating the stage from the audience.
  • Provides theatre patrons extra time to safely evacuate.
  • Protects your theatre assets.
  • Enables you to pass building code inspections.

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Wire Guided Curtain
Proscenium 42’ W x 22’ H Max

Roller Guided Curtain
Proscenium 50’ W x 30’ H Max

Framed Curtain
Proscenium over 50’ W 30’ H

The Straight Lift Curtain is rigged to hang flat, so it require the fire curtain fly space above the proscenium be higher than the proscenium itself. The curtain is rigged to always hang flat and uses a counterweight set to balance the curtain. The line set is kept out of balance on purpose so that when released, gravity will bring the curtain in.

An emergency release will close the curtain fully in less than 45 seconds. The last eight feet of curtain travel will require a minimum of five seconds, as a safety measure. Straight lift curtains can be either motorized or manually operated.

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The Brail Lift Curtain requires as little as one half the height of the proscenium above the proscenium. The rigging is similar to an Austrian drape, which gathers in pleats for storage. When released, the curtain lowers by gravity to cover the proscenium opening.

Like the Straight Lift, the Brail Curtain will fully close in less than 45 seconds. In this type of system the top of the curtain is dead-hung from the support structure.

The most common method of lifting and releasing the curtain is a brail winch. A brail winch has an integral holding brake, which is connected to the fire curtain release line. When the system is activated, the brake releases the winch and the curtain falls. The descent of the curtain is controlled with an adjustable speed governor located inside the winch. Both manual and powered winches are available, depending on the curtain size.

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