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Mirror Spheres (Inflatable)

As large as 8' in diameter, these smooth mirror balls create a "wow" element for any event or party space. Your guests are guaranteed to talk about them. We ship these conversation starters uninflated, in order to save you a ton of cost. In fact, you'll save more than enough to buy the pump to inflate them. Get these inflatable spheres in any of three sizes and let the party chatter begin.

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Inflatable Mirror Spheres

  • Blue 1m diameter Each
  • Gold 1m diameter Each
  • Red 2m diameter Each
  • Silver 2.5m diameter Each
Highly reflective, mirrored spheres create a dynamic overheard design and add excitement to the lighting and decor.
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Price Ranges
$395.00 - $1,450.00

Inflatable Mirror Spheres - Air Pump ONLY

For use inflating Mirror Sphere.
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