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Cloth Spike Tape

Pro-Gaff Spike Tape is a high strength vinyl impregnated cloth tape with a matte finish. Spike tape conforms to irregular surfaces and is waterproof and abrasion resistant. Spike Tape has a smooth controlled unwind and tears easily by hand. Use it to mark stages for actors, provide directional signals in dark areas, color-coding, marking boxes and more. Our spike tapes are available in 21 colors.

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Cloth Spike Tape

  • Black Each
  • Brown Each
  • Burgundy Each
  • Dark-Blue Each
  • Dark-Green Each
  • Electric-Blue Each
  • Light-Grey Each
  • Olive Each
  • Purple Each
  • Red Each
  • Tan Each
  • Teal Each
  • White Each
  • Yellow Each
Economical, 1/2" wide x 45 yard matte finish cloth tape used to spike stages and color code.
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Fluorescent Spike Tape Stack

Pro Spike Stack is an economical way to get all 4 vivid Fluorescent spike tape colors at a great price.
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$11.21 - $27.20

Spike Tape Pocket Stacks

Convenient smaller stacks of 6 yards each of 5 related colors.
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Price Ranges
$11.21 - $19.39

Cloth Spike Fluorescent Tape

  • Fluorescent-Blue Each
  • Fluorescent-Green Each
  • Fluorescent-Orange Each
  • Fluorescent-Pink Each
  • Fluorescent-Yellow Each
Cloth tape, 1/2" wide x 45 yards, in vivid fluorescent colors used to spike stages and color code.
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