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Arena Curtains (Stadium Masking Curtains)

Arena curtains (or stadium curtains) are used to control the ambient light within a venue. While natural light may not matter for a football or baseball game, it often matters when the arena hosts a special event. Uncontrolled light may detract from the desired ambiance or might inadvertently provide an advantage to one side in a sporting event unaccustomed to natural light.

Rose Brand may be the one and only supplier in the US that can provide the massive amount of fabric, sewing capacity, and experience required to complete an arena curtains project within a reasonable timeframe. We have both the largest on-hand inventory of masking fabrics and the largest sewing room of any provider.

A couple of examples of our experience are the jobs for US Bank Stadium and Arthur Ashe Stadium. When US Bank Stadium hosted the NCAA Final Four tournament, event producers needed to prevent natural light from spilling onto the basketball court so that the entire court could be evenly lit throughout the entire game. Rose Brand manufactured 132,000 sq ft of blackout curtains in various shapes and sizes to cover all of the natural light sources around the stadium.

Us Bank Stadium

masking curtains cover the open areas around the stadium to prevent natural light from entering onto the playing surface

When Arthur Ashe Stadium hosted e-sport’s Fortnite $30M World Cup Tournament, the objective was to create a more immersive playing environment by blocking the natural light emanating from the stadium’s translucent ceiling. Rose Brand provided over 65,000 sq ft of curtains to Arthur Ashe in 51” X 16’ panels, which covered each of the stadium’s 80 ceiling panels.

Arthur Ashe Stadium

black curtains covering ceiling panels of Arthur Ashe Stadium to block natural light

Trust Rose Brand for fabric, custom curtains, manufacturing expertise, and on-time delivery on projects big or small.

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