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Designer Rain Curtains

IFR Pre-designed Rain Curtains in Holiday, Special Occasion, and Theatrical Themes.

All rain curtains are made with 3 layers and 1/4" cuts.
When calling to place a order please specify:

  • Height and Width
  • Top Finish: Standard top finish is twill webbing. For ties at the top add $2.50 per foot of width.

July 4th, IFR

6" wide stripes in Red metallic, White Semi-Gloss, Blue Metallic.
From $1.95/sq. ft.

Chicago, IFR

Gold Metallic, Silver Cracked Ice, Gold Metallic.
From $3.62/sq. ft.

Waterfall, IFR

Iris Cracked Ice, Teal, Ice Blue Metallic.
From $3.62/sq. ft.

New Years, IFR

Iris Cracked Ice, Iridescent Pearl, Cerise.
From $3.77/sq. ft.

Mardi Gras, IFR

6” wide stripes in Gold Metallic, Green Metallc, Purple Metallic.
From $1.95/sq. ft.

Fiesta, IFR

Gold Cracked Ice, Red Cracked Ice, Gold Metallic.
From $3.77/sq. ft.

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