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Pulley is used to haul up equipment or raise a person in a rescue situation. Some pulleys have an integrated rope clamp to make certain tasks easier (these are known as progress capture pulleys) and others allow for movement along a rope or cable for moving loads or evacuating a person.

Two factors determine a pulley’s efficiency: Sheave size and bearings/bushings. The larger the sheave diameter, the higher the efficiency. Self-lubricating bushings are efficient but they must be regularly maintained. Sealed ball bearings are very efficient and do not require any maintenance.

Remember that when hauling with a pulley you must factor in the resultant load. If you are hauling up 100 pounds and the rope is turned all of the way back down to the object being lifted, you are putting 200 pounds of load on the pulley!

NOTE: There are no returns allowed on these items.

Personal Protective Equipment Disclaimer:
Vertical rope access, rescue and/or other vertical techniques and associated activities are dangerous and have inherent risks and dangers. Failure to properly use, apply, store, service, and/or maintain PPE and vertical access equipment may result in severe injury, paralysis, or death. The customer is responsible for proper training in the use of any and all personal protective equipment. Rose Brand assumes no liability for the use or misuse of any equipment - use at your own risk.

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Petzl Partner Pulley

Extremely lightweight and ultra-compact pulley.
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Petzl Paw Rigging Plate

Aluminum plate for creating multiple anchor systems and organization of the work area. Available in black.
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Petzl Swivel

Used to prevent the rope from twisting when the load is turning.
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