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Keying Fabrics (Green & Blue Screens)

Keying fabrics are often known as green screen or blue screen material. They're used for a video production process in which a specific color, such as green or blue, are taken out of a shot in post production. Through the process of keying, the camera is essentially told not to see a certain color (e.g., blue), causing anything in the shot that is blue to appear as though it isn’t there.

This technique is also commonly referred to as Blue Screen or Green Screen Technology. Red Screen Technology is usually reserved for filming claymation. These days, though, practically any color can be used for keying. Digital keying fabric is more reflective than traditional keying fabric so it requires much less lighting, and can end up saving money on electricity, lamps and labor.

All the fabrics below are available in one or more of these keying colors:

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62" Poly Pro, IFR

  • Chroma Key Blue 62 inches
  • Chroma-Key-Green 62 inches
  • Digital Blue 62 inches
  • Digital-Green 62 inches
A new, inherently flame retardant matte fabric preferred by major movie studios, with a brushed finish - the latest in keying fabric from Rose Brand.
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Price Ranges
Cut $15.20
Full Piece $12.15

72" RB Cloth, IFR

  • Black 72 inches
  • Burgundy 72 inches
  • Chroma-Key-Blue 72 inches
  • Chroma-Key-Green 72 inches
  • Digital-Blue 72 inches
  • Digital-Green 72 inches
  • Natural 72 inches
  • Navy 72 inches
  • Red 72 inches
  • Silver 72 inches
  • White 72 inches
Also known as "PD Cloth, " this matte fabric is great for multi-purpose facilities and lining drapery, and keying in digital and chroma key colors.
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Price Ranges
Cut $13.80
Full Piece $9.20

128" Poly Cyc, IFR

  • Beige 128 inches
  • Black 128 inches
  • Chroma-Key-Green 128 inches
  • Cranberry 128 inches
  • Digital Blue 128 inches
  • Ecru 128 inches
  • Gold (Orange) 128 inches
  • Grey 128 inches
  • Hunter 128 inches
  • Navy 128 inches
  • Peach (Orange) 128 inches
  • Red 128 inches
  • Sky-Blue 128 inches
  • White 128 inches
A synthetic substitute for muslin without the wrinkles, Poly Cyc drapes and lights beautifully.
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Price Ranges
Cut $17.85
Full Piece $11.90

128" Poly Muslin, IFR

  • Barn-Red 128 inches
  • Black 128 inches
  • Brown 128 inches
  • Chroma-Key-Blue 128 inches
  • Chroma-Key-Green/Kelly 128 inches
  • Digital-Blue 128 inches
  • Digital-Green/Lime Green 128 inches
  • Hot-Pink 128 inches
  • Light-Grey 128 inches
  • Medium-Grey 128 inches
  • Natural 128 inches
  • Sky-Blue 128 inches
  • Tangerine (Orange) 128 inches
  • White 128 inches
  • Wine 128 inches
  • Yellow 128 inches
Medium weight Avora™ polyester has the look and weight of cotton muslin without the stiffness.
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Price Ranges
Cut $18.45
Full Piece $12.30

92" Keying Spandex, NFR

  • Chroma Key Blue 92 inches
  • Digital Blue 92 inches
  • Digital-Green 92 inches
This spandex can be stretched or molded, and is ideal for keying in wardrobe or underwater shots.
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Price Ranges
Cut $54.20
Full Piece $43.35