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Case Study: Space Transformation from Single to Multi-Purpose

elegant party space with curtains and swags
Our customer needed a quick and easy way to create a dual use space. They wanted to transform an everyday gymnasium into an elegant event space whenever desired. In a short amount of time they wanted a bare gymnasium to be lined with gorgeous white silk drapes and flowing ceiling swags. And of course, they needed to protect the delicate white soft goods during volleyball tournaments. This was a challenging request for which we developed a surprisingly simple solution: a unique application of curtain track and custom fabrication.

Working from sketches provided by the interior designer, Rose Brand project managers devised a configuration of Triple E Two-Way Track which would line the walls of the gymnasium. The track carries snow white Tergalet silk drapes, allowing them to be deployed easily. Each ceiling swag is attached to the top of a side curtain panel. In storage, the swag folds down flat against the drapery panel on the track. To rig the ceiling swag, it is lifted up and connected to its matching swag across the hall and tied off to a ceiling point – no additional rigging or draping is required. With this unique track and swag configuration, the entire room can be draped in just 30 minutes!

When not in use, the drapes and ceiling swags pack tight into the corners of the space on the curtain track. To protect them, we engineered a system of folding wall panels that hide and protect the curtains when stored. The main panels are quite large at 10’ x 15’, so the Rose Brand SpanFrame™ system was used to construct them. The lightweight aluminum beam extrusions make these panels strong and light, and easily assembled on site.

The snow white Tergalet draperies were lined with white 22oz Encore velour to add opacity and improve the room acoustics. In this regard, the acoustical transformation was equally as impressive as the visual change in the room, allowing for easy conversation in the typically “live” gym space.

We provided all technical design, project management, fabrication and installation services for this project. The end result exceeded the customer’s expectations, allowing a working gymnasium to transform into a beautiful event space with minimal time and effort.

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folding panels hide drapes and swags when not in use
Left: custom-engineered folding panels enclose the drapes for safe, secure storage. Right: Ceiling swags attach to the side draperies and curtain track to facilitate quick deployment and easy storage.

ceiling swags getting deployed
Pre-rigged ceiling swags can be raised and dressed in under 30 minutes.

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