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Please note that our NJ warehouse will be closed on 6/19. Orders that would have shipped from NJ on that day will instead ship on the following day. Please call 800-223-1624 if you need further information. Thank you.  


Universal tools for every stage hand such as Ulitmate Focus Tool, Mongo Wrench, Ratcheting Ultimate Focus Tool, Mega-Combo Wrench and more!

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Light Source™ Mongo Wrench

The massive Mongo Wrench will fasten everything!
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Jiffy Curtain Steamer

Steam wrinkles away from most drapery quickly and effectively. A must for tours.
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Long T-Handle Coffin Lock Key

Long T-Handle Coffin Lock 5/16" (8mm) Hex Key.
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$45.00 - $175.00

T Handle Allen Wrench

A 5/16" hex key for use on Dual Lock and Coffin Lock
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