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The Rose Brand Stretcher Frame System

The Stretcher Frame System is designed to fix extreme “hourglassing” and puckering often encountered with scrims, bobbinettes, vinyl, projection screens, and muslin backdrops. Hourglassing occurs when fabrics naturally stretch vertically causing the sides to pull in, and in some cases, puckering occurs. When you can’t hide the hourglassing behind masking, or via clamp and stretch offstage, the Rose Brand Stretcher Frame System is the answer.

Features include:

  • Fast, easy attachment to batten
  • Flies out with backdrop
  • Adaptable to different sized backdrops
  • Drops can attach using hook & loop, ties or lacing methods
  • Frame is black anodized aluminum extrusion
  • Extrusion accepts standard strut hardware fitting
  • Purchase components or purchase preconfigured unit
  • Sleeved bottom pipe for smooth pockets

A Frame-Mounting Bracket with Batten Clamp
B Frame Extrusion - 2" x 4" x 20'
C Frame Trombone
D Frame Diagonal Support
E Frame Splice Set
F Bottom Pipe with internal sleeves - 1/2" Sch. 40 - 10' length

Available as components or as a set that we can configure for your needs.

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  • Drops can attach using hook & loop, ties or lacing methods

Hook and Loop Mount

Side Ties

Side Lacing

Bottom Detail

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“No More Hourglassing”
Keeps your soft goods taut & square.

Also see our SpanFrame™ for endless creative options.

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