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Clik-Magnets enable you to hang ceiling-mounted or truss-mounted Stretch Shapes quickly & easily. They're magnetized for easy installation and you can buy the "Super" version if you need extra strong magnets to hang heavier objects. Our telescoping extension MagPole, makes installation even easier in hard to reach places. See the video demo below on how simple it is to install or change signage with Clik Magnet:

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Decorative Stretch Shapes come in a wide assortment of sizes and styles.

Stretch Shapes

Single MagMover for Mag Pole and ClikMagnet

The Single MagMover allows for positioning of one ClikMagnet. It's ideal for items requiring only a single suspension point, like our hanging stretch shapes.
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Super ClikMagnet

Super ClikMagnets are extra strong magnets that are perfect for hanging Stretch Shapes.
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MagPole for ClikMagnet

The versatile, sturdy aluminum and fiberglass extension MagPole features 5 telescoping sections.
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