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Design, Specify and Build Solutions

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We offer design consultation, specification and build services for virtually any production, event or architectural environment that involves fabric and hardware components. Come to us early in the process so that we can insure development of designs that are as practical as they are esthetic.


When it comes to Fabric elements and the hardware to support and move them, Rose Brand can help you at any point in your design development process. Whether you come to us needing full blown design, or want us to manufacture what you’ve designed and specified yourself, or anything in between, we can help. Designs must meet the customer objectives but must also be developed with the final build in mind so that both esthetics and practicality are considered. Practical considerations might include appropriate material choices, safety regulations, budget, timing, maintenance, longevity, installation, etc. Designs usually begin as sketches, which are then translated into technical drawings once they're approved by the customer.


Once a design has been translated into a technical drawing, the process of specification has begun. Specifications may include products, dimensions, as well as instructions for seaming, fullness, cutting, bending, printing, finishing, installation and more.


We build both soft goods and hardware solutions based on the technical drawings and specifications provided by the Design team. Among the "builders" on our staff are cutters, sewers, scenic artists, metal specialists, carpenters, electricians, and technical project managers with ETCP certification. New, innovative or technically complex projects often proceed with prototypes prior to the final build. Depending on complexity and size, projects may be pre-installed in our warehouse facility to insure that load-in issues are minimized at the eventual venue.

Some Project Examples

The following list shows just a few examples of the nature of our custom work in the design, specification and build areas. You can view detailed descriptions of several of these projects by clicking on the associated images below. We'll add more case studies in the ensuing months.
  • Curtain Design, Specification and Build
  • Transforming a Single-use Space Into a Multi-purpose Space
  • Producing & Rigging Giant Outdoor Projection Screens
  • Preventing Image Pixelation When Using Video Walls
  • Lightweight Scenery Automation On A Budget
  • Flexible Masking for Variable Projection Screen Dimensions
  • Projected Scenery Solutions (screens, maskings, frames, moving elements)
  • 3-D Projection Screen Solutions
  • Preventing Hourglassing in Scrims, Muslin Backdrops, and Nettings
  • Custom Storage & Transport Solutions
  • Moving Inaccessible Stage Equipment Easily (lights, speakers, fabric)
  • Inexpensive Rigging for Elegant Curtains
  • Painted Backdrop Flame Retardancy & Sizing Issues Solved

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