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We offer fast, expert production of stage curtains, event drapery, scrims, cycs, backdrops, digital printing, star drops, hanging stretch shapes, animation curtains and other soft goods. We also provide custom hardware products such as curved track, pipe and truss; in addition to technical project management services.

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Stage Curtains, Backdrops & Event Drapery

Expert custom sewing of all types of curtains in a huge variety of fabrics.

Design, Spec & Build

Design, Spec & Build services for projects involving fabric & hardware

Digital Printing

Large backlit Translites, backdrops, banners, step & repeats, flooring...

LED & Fiber Optic Drops & Components

ShowLED Star Drops, Animation Curtains, Fiber Optic Drops & more.

Projection Screens

Custom Premium PVC Screens, Rosco Screens, Fabric Screens & Goo.

Custom Hardware

Custom truss, curved tracks & pipes, powder coating...

Curtain Track Quote

Request a quote on custom ADC and Triple E track for curtains or scenery.

Cutting & Routing

Digital cutting & routing for fabrics, flooring, plastics, etc.

Stretch Shapes

Large triangles, rectangles, circles, snow flakes, walls & more.

Installation & Rigging

Expert technical project management, installation & rigging.

Fire Curtains

Fire curtains and rigging by ETCP certified riggers.

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