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Stage Rigging & Project Management

Rose Brand offers Stage Rigging and Technical Project Management services for the design and installation of any curtain, curtain track, or rigging solution. We help customers realize their creative vision and overcome the inevitable production obstacles along the way. We’re particularly expert at providing creative solutions to unique problems.

Rose Brand will direct, teach & supervise your crew, or bring in our own, depending on your needs. Our network of partners enables us to support clients nationwide. The case studies below highlight just some of the capabilities that we offer. Please contact us to see how we can help you realize your goals.

Case Studies:

Venetian Contour Curtain and Motion Control System Case Study

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Product: Venetian Contour Curtain; Fabric: Silver Lurex Sheer, IFR

Holy Land Experience, Orlando, FL

The Holy Land Experience hired Delta Stage Lighting to install theatrical equipment & lighting for the new Church of All Nations. Delta brought Rose Brand on board to help with certain aspects of the job, including the development of a Venetian Contour Curtain and a motion control system. The objectives of Rose Brand’s project included:
  1. Enhancing architectural esthetics with a beautiful grand drape for the pulpit.
  2. Providing a curtain control system that could raise and lower the curtain in a wide variety of patterns.
  3. Controlling other scenic elements with the same motion control system.
  4. Enabling efficient installation of the curtain and system on-site.

Rose Brand Project Managers developed a sophisticated, modular solution comprised of a custom sewn Venetian Contour Grand Drape, 16 ADC winches, eight programmable Raynok controllers, and truss. The controllers were integrated with motors that controlled both the main curtain as well as the numerous independent tracks of a mid-stage traveler curtain.

The main curtain lift system consisted of eight individual segments of truss. Each segment had multiple winches and a controller mounted on it. The modularity of the 63’ long system enabled us to build, program, and test it locally while prepping it for easy, remote installation. Once the system was fully tested, it shipped to the Orlando theatre for installation by a Rose Brand project manager working with the Delta Stage Lighting crew.

In total, Rose Brand’s efforts included development of the Venetian Contour Grand Drape; design, provision and test of the modular lift system; and supervision of system installation on-site.

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Stage Rigging Case Study

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New counterweight double purchase line sets and steel framework locking rail anchored into concrete.

Newark Academy, Livingston, NJ

Rose Brand had previously worked with Newark Academy to provide their custom stage curtains. Recently, they contacted us again, asking us to help renovate their stage. Given that the school was built in the 1960s, the stage rigging needed to be brought up to modern day standards. Rose Brand supplied both new rigging equipment and installation services.

The renovation involved provision and installation of new counterweight line sets and winched electrics. The old line sets consisted of hemp rope, aircraft cable and terminations from the original installation, all of which were anchored into the wood floor that lay atop a concrete base. The old winches were mounted to cinderblock walls.

Rose Brand upgraded the rigging from single purchase line sets to double purchase line sets with a steel framework locking rail. This provided more usable stage height by allowing the battens to trim out higher. We also mounted the new winches and anchored the locking rail to the concrete floor for greater security.

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New Line Sets

Newark Academy Stage

Customized Unibeam Track Case Study

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Inverting the track system provided the perfect solution for our well-dressed dummies. Photo by ZFX.

Shanghai Shopping Mall, Shanghai, China

Our friends at ZFX asked us to help implement a system that carried 32 well dressed mannequins, weighing 4800 lbs., around a circular ceiling track in a Shanghai retail store. The project presented some considerable hurdles given that standard track systems don’t move items continuously around in a circle, or carry such excessive weight loads.

Our solution involved a unique implementation of our Unibeam Track product. Similar to most tracks, Unibeam is constructed for the track to mount to the ceiling, with carriers that move around the track. However, we discovered that if we flipped the track upside down, mounted the carriers to the ceiling and moved the track through the carriers, we could both increase the system’s weight limitations substantially and move the track in a circle continuously.

Rose Brand’s total project involvement included needs assessment, brainstorming solutions, designing the customized track and carriers, sub-contracting a machine shop to modify standard parts, and providing assembly drawings for installation.

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Customized Chain Track Case Study

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Customized Chain Track, turns 180 degrees in just a 1" radius to gather curtains off-stage in a small footprint.

Westminster School, Annandale, Va

The crowning jewel of the Westminster School in Annandale, VA is its drama department. So when Artistic Concepts was hired to renovate the school’s auditorium, they engaged Rose Brand to manage the development and installation of the main stage and masking curtains. Two critical issues required resolution: How do you store a drawn, 90’ main curtain in the wings, within a terribly confining off-stage area? How do you produce and install two curtains within a budget that can only accommodate one?

Rose Brand conducted an on-site survey and designed a unique system for implementation by Artistic Concepts. The system used our Chain Track product, which enabled the motorized curtain to turn a 180 degree curve within a radius of just over 1 inch. It allowed the curtain to stack into a confined space, with a series of parallel tracks.

Chain Track also enabled us to deploy a double-sided curtain that served double-duty on stage. One side consisted of a custom dyed grape color main curtain, while the other side was black and used for mid-stage masking. Every time the curtain closed, the track allowed for a different side of the curtain to be revealed, as needed. The low maintenance system also allowed for wireless remote control and programmable curtain positioning.

In all, Rose Brand provided the system design, customized Chain Track product, custom curtains, installation supervision, and training for Artistic Concepts to install and maintain the system long-term.

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