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Safety/Rescue Rope

Rope Safety Information
These ropes are manufactured specifically for safety and rescue as well as work at height. Never take chances with your rope selection; always use rated ropes designed for use as lifelines. If your application requires smaller diameter rope, please contact Rose Brand for additional options. All of our PPE ropes meet North American standards for static ropes. Always take good care of your lifelines. Don’t forget to inspect ropes prior to each and every use. Store safety ropes in a clean place and protect them from abrasion and chemicals. Either coil neatly or flake into a rope bag for storage; but, no matter which method you use, try not to introduce rotation or kinks into the line.
NOTE: There are no returns allowed on these items.

Personal Protective Equipment Disclaimer:
Vertical rope access, rescue and/or other vertical techniques and associated activities are dangerous and have inherent risks and dangers. Failure to properly use, apply, store, service, and/or maintain PPE and vertical access equipment may result in severe injury, paralysis, or death. The customer is responsible for proper training in the use of any and all personal protective equipment. Rose Brand assumes no liability for the use or misuse of any equipment - use at your own risk.

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