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Meet The Management Team

Meet The Team Main Image
Top Row: George Jacobstein, Josh Jacobstein, Peter Finder, Kevin Coughlin
Bottom Row: Doug Harvey, Tina Wright, Bob Bertrand, Victoria Williamson

To call a member of our staff, please dial 800-223-1624 and then the extension below.

George Jacobstein


George has been instrumental in Rose Brand’s evolution and growth as an event and theatrical fabric supply house serving customers large and small. Since he joined the company in 1975, ... Learn more

Josh Jacobstein

Executive Vice-President

Josh leads Rose Brand’s efforts to grow as the industry leader in the event and theatrical fabrics industry. In his role, he is responsible for the strategy and...Learn more

Peter Finder

V.P. Sales and Marketing

Peter leads Rose Brand’s Sales and Marketing Teams. He supervises the overall direction of product development, pricing policy, market development and project management. He has 35 years of industry experience which includes work in ...Learn more

Tina Wright

V.P. West Coast Sales & Operations

Tina joined Rose Brand in 1996 to lead the company’s West Coast expansion. She and her team have built a strong business unit that produces work for many high-end clients...Learn more

Kevin Coughlin

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin oversees the financial direction of Rose Brand, leading reporting and analysis and ensuring the company is properly funded to achieve strategic initiatives. Kevin has over 35 years’ experience in financial management,...Learn more

Bob Bertrand

General Manager

Bob manages the various fulfillment and support departments and oversees use of facilities and administration. He has worked in many roles at Rose Brand, starting as IT Director and later Human Resources Manager. ..Learn more

Doug Harvey

Director of West Coast Operations

Doug oversees manufacturing, inventory management and sales forecasting companywide. He ensures that all parts of production move smoothly and efficiently. Doug has over 25 years’ experience in theatre and production...Learn more

Victoria Williamson

Director Of Operations

Vicky is responsible for the company’s efficient and effective operation. She oversees cross-functional teams in various departments including purchasing, inventory, warehouse and production management....Learn more

Sales & Customer Service Team To call a member of our staff, please dial 800-223-1624 and then the extension below.
Angela Millwood x483
Betty Villanueva x191
Blanca Vargas x416 Habla Español
Bob Bertrand x115
Brandi Vold x138
Brenda Gonzalez x131 Habla Español
Brendalee Gonzalez x168 Habla Español
Brent Porter x151
Brian Grabowski x158
Carlene Carty x172
Carrie Johns x439
Chris Poyourow x466
Corey Womack x465
Daisy Estrada x464 Habla Español
Dan Browder x149
Doug Harvey x427
Ed Lennon x435
Ernesto Gomez x194 Habla Español
Ellen Klein x322
Erika Rodriguez x400 Habla Español
Eyan Gottlieb x139
George Jacobstein x108
Greg Schaefer x210
Greg Valencia x455
Isabel Martinez x201 Habla Español
Jaclyn Jablon x472
Jameson Lipe x197
Jason Tibbetts x211
Jeff Flowers x454
Jennifer Luna x216
Jennifer Perez x130 Habla Español
Jeri-Dawn Youngblood x451
Jesse Adams x146
John Eckert x228
John Nicastro x140
Josh Jacobstein x296
Joshua Alemany x274
Kevin Coughlin x207
Kevin Twomey x441
Lisa Coulouris x118 Habla Español
Maria Francis x213 Habla Español
Mariana Slutzky x426 Habla Español
Mark O’Brien x173
Mary Katherine Vandiver x202
Matt Biringer x161
Max Mitchell x160
Megan Ribeiro x484
Mercedes Betances x134 Habla Español
Michael Jaros x100
Michael Johansen x171
Mike All x229
Mike Cucciarre x241
Mike Reed x128
Molly Block x155
Nicole Greene x137
Omar Villa x442
Onis McHenry x163
Peter Finder x112
Renee Vero x101
Roger Claman x125
Sasha Venola x482
Sean Finley x434
Stella Gomez x110 Habla Español
Tina Wright x415
Tom Coulouris x124
Tom Sullivan x243
Tonie Fiorito x467 
Victoria Williamson x132
Zach Tysinger x443
Zoe Paine x135
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