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Rain Curtains

Rain curtains (aka fringe curtains or slit drapes) are gorgeous, light reflective panels of slit mylar in colors that pop! They offer the most glitz for the buck compared to any other curtain and are economical for short-term or one-time events. While other vendors offer stock varieties that come in limited sizes, colors, number of layers and slit dimensions; Rose Brand offers you Rain Curtains with a vast array of options, custom made, with all the materials in stock for quick turnaround. They're also reinforced at the top to prevent tearing, and the flame retardancy is built right into the substrate itself.

See our different varieties below and choose our Custom Rain Curtains for the greatest variety of options, including
  • 35 colors, including metallic, semi-gloss, diffraction, and fluorescent.
  • Virtually any height and width. (We’ve done 50’ high.)
  • One to six layers, all of which can be in different colors to achieve the exact look desired. Colors can also be vertically striped at a minimum 6" width per stripe.
  • Slits that can be 1/8", ¼", ½" 1" 2" or 3"
  • Top finishes that include hook & loop, ties, grommets, or hooks for track.
Custom Rain Curtains provide the most design flexibility. Choose colors, number of layers, slit size, dimensions and top finish.

Designer Rain Curtains come in pre-configured color combinations and are all 3-layers with 1/4" slits. Give us your custom dimensions, choose your top finish, and you're ready to go.

Spangle Curtains have a unique scalloped edge that provides an interesting design effect. The slits are 3/4" and we recommend producing them in 2 or 3 layers. They're also customizable for color and overall size.

View a Sample Flame Retardant Certificate.

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