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Leno Filled Scrim Fabrics

Leno or leno-filled scrim can be described as “sharkstooth scrim with the holes filled in.” Leno has a lovely soft, textured surface that reflects light beautifully, thus making it ideal for a cyclorama or a bounce drop. Like the sharkstooth scrim, it has one surface that is more textured and one that is smoother; in general, we recommend having the textured side facing the audience to take advantage of the extra surface dimension. Leno-filled scrims are also ideal for projecting abstract shapes and patterns, due to their highly reflective surface. The texture, however, will mitigate high resolutions, and so leno is not the best surface for video projection.

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19' - 38'-6" Leno-Filled Scrim, FR

  • Blue 19 Foot
  • Grey 19 Foot
  • White 19 Foot
Used for bounce drops and cycloramas, 100% cotton Leno's weave is like Sharkstooth Scrim, but with the openings filled in.
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Price Ranges
Cut $159.11 - $251.59
Full Piece $138.36 - $218.78

30' Natural Painter's Leno-Filled Scrim, NFR

  • Natural 29 Foot
Identical to regular Leno, 100% cotton Painter's Leno is not bleached, dyed, or flame retarded.
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Price Ranges
Cut $178.71
Full Piece $155.40