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Traveler Curtain

The traveler curtain (aka bi-parting curtain) is the most popular stage curtain type. It's also highly economical. It's made of two panels, customarily in 50-100% fullness for main curtains.

The panels are hung on traveler tracks that overlap at the close. Drapery panels can be operated manually or motorized. We produce thousands of traveler curtains every year, as well as the curtain tracks that go along with them. Depending on the weight of the fabric and size of the curtain, our experts can recommend the curtain track that's best for your needs. We also sell motors and control systems if you're interested in automating the curtain movement.

An interesting option for the movement and gathering of a traveler curtain involves the use of a backpacking mechanism. Backpacking allows the visible part of the curtain to remain ungathered as the curtain draws open. Instead, it gathers together off stage where the audience can't see it (see the demo above).

We have a huge selection of fabrics from which you can design your traveler curtain look & feel, including velours, sheers, metallics, silks, satins and more. If you'd like to obtain a quote on a custom traveler curtain or learn more about them (or any other type of curtain), give us a call at 1800-223-1624 or use our online quote request tool.

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