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Case Study: Preventing Pixelation of Televised Video Wall Projections

black rear projection screen diffusing academy awards video wall projection
Just about everyone is familiar with the "Rememberance" segment of the Academy Awards show, which honors the motion picture industry luminaries, and other notable figures, who had passed away over the last year. The segment is projected from an LED wall as it is broadcast out to viewers. However, if the grids in both the TV camera's HD sensor and the LED wall are out of sync, it will produce a moire effect, completely compromising the televised image.

We collaborated with the amazing team at the Academy Awards to eliminate the possibility of the moire effect. After testing numerous options, we placed the Rose Brand Premium Black-130 Rear Projection Screen in front of the LED wall and it provided the perfect solution. Our projection screen diffused the LED Wall's grid to eliminate moire. The screen's blackness also boosted color contrast and improved the crispness of images. Under theatre lighting conditions the black screen was invisible to the viewer.

Had the LED wall projected more dimly, then the perfect solution would have been the Rose Brand Light Ice LED Diffusor in white. Our Light Ice Diffuser provides greater transmission and consequently a brighter image. It can also be used with more finely pitched (i.e., higher resolution) LED walls since the screen's diffusion characteristics are less than with our Black-130 screen.

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black rear projection screen diffusing academy awards video wall projection

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