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Black Curtains (Black Masking)

black-masking stage curtains with a red valance

Black curtains (black drapery, black masking or blacks) are a staple in almost every venue. When used for blackout curtains, legs, borders, tabs, black box theatres, or arena curtains, the intent is to absorb light and hide objects. Black curtains provide designers an environment within which there are no distracting elements other than the entertainment itself. Black masking fabrics all have a matte finish so they won’t reflect light.

Rose Brand offers the largest selection of black masking curtains and fabrics in the industry, whether you’re looking to purchase custom made drapery or to rent. Our experience runs the gamut from producing simple black masking drapes for high school auditoriums to the provision of 132,000 sq ft of masking drapes to control lighting in the NCAA Final Four tournament at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Shown below are some of the most popular and most effective fabrics for black masking. For more information or to request a quote on custom made curtains please call 800-223-1624 or email us.

Black Synthetic Velours, IFR

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Fabric Most Popular Description
Royale (32 oz.) Opaque; super heavyweight, plush, excellent sound absorbent qualities.
Charisma (25 oz.) Opaque; elegant.
Encore (15 oz. and 22 oz.) X 22 oz is opaque and a best seller. 22 oz and 15 oz are both durable with persistent IFR properties that endure moisture well. Great as a utility drape indoor or outdoor.
Crescent (20 oz.) X 99% opaque; highly durable.
Athena (16 oz.) X 99% opaque; chamois, brushed surface; soft hand.
Apollo (13 oz.) 99% opaque; look and feel of high end velvet.


Black Cotton Velours, FR

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Fabric Most Popular Description
Magic (32 oz.) Opaque; extra long nap provides ultra-rich look; excellent sound absorbent qualities.
Wizard (25 oz.) Heavyweight, 100% opaque, black velour. Ideal for premium black masking (darkest when used nap up).
Merlin (20 oz.) Darkest, most light absorbent velour available (darkest when used nap up). Highest quality neutral black masking;. 99% opaque.
Memorable (25 oz.) X Opaque; rich, long nap.
Majestic (25 oz.) Opaque; shorter, denser nap than Memorable.
Marvel (21 oz.) X Medium weight; long nap.
Virtue (21 oz.) Shorter, denser nap than Marvel.
Commando Cloth / Duvetyn
(various weights)
X Heavier varieties are opaque; used in situations where economy is most important.

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