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Fabric By Use

Set design is integral to the audience experience, and fabric can play a major role. Our organization by use makes it easier to identify the right fabric for your needs such as 

  • Masking elements on stage
  • Creating a curtain
  • Painting a backdrop
  • Diffusing, absorbing, or reflecting projected light and sound
  • Facilitating effects

How To Choose Fabrics

Organizing by use makes it easier to compare the functional, esthetic and cost aspects of various fabrics. Note that many of our fabrics are flame retardant and clearly specified as IFR or FR. Flame retardancy is important in meeting IFR fabrics are inherently flame retardant, which means that their flame retardancy is inherent in the fiber of the fabric. FR means that we have treated the fabric with a chemical that makes it flame retardant. Note that FR treatment can be washed away by water or moisture in the air, so that should be considered when cleaning fabrics of that nature. Flame retardancy is important in meeting your local fire marshal standards for safety in public spaces. They are the final judges as to whether your fabric meets the local standard.

How Rose Brand Makes Ordering Material Easy

Rose Brand offers production supplies, fabrications and fabrics to theaters around the country. We've worked closely with venues and productions of every size, to custom manufacture curtains, backdrops and hardware. Our digital printing services provide custom printed backdrops, flooring , banners, wallpaper and more. Start your search for the perfect material by checking out our online inventory.

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