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Pipe & Base

Pipe & Base is the most versatile system for hanging portable drapes. It’s used extensively for corporate events, private events, trade show booths, and more. Precision tooled, adjustable and easy to set up, we have extensive pipe & base inventory in both our East and West Coast locations for fast shipment.

Pipe & Base 2.0

Pipe & Base 2.0 is the latest industry innovation and the new industry standard. It replaces the hooks and torn slots in pipe & base 1.0,with smooth-ball end caps that plug into beautifully engineered crowns. Setup is now much easier because drape supports can safely move 42 degrees down or 110 degrees up from their horizontal position under load. Now just one person can set up pipe & base, in many cases, without even using a ladder. You’ll also virtually eliminate curtain tears and pipe damage. Pipe & Base 1.0 is also available.

Pipe & Base 2.0 for Rental

Create gorgeous, quick and easy room décor or masking with our Pipe & Drape solutions. Simply combine any of our rental drapery available in Velours, Sheers, Silks, Satins and Metallics with our Pipe & Base 2.0 systems. Since our rental drapery is all sewn flat, you can easily gather it to achieve the precise amount of fullness that you desire.

Note that Pipe & Base 2.0 is suitable for most curtains up to 22" high. When specifying Pipe & Base, it's important to account for the weight of the drape. Heavier and taller drapes require more uprights within a given run of drapery. Ask our specialists for their recommendation.

Made in the USA. Versatop™ - U.S. Patent No. 9,211,027, Canadian Patent no. 2,801,766 - other patents pending. Versatop™, Pipe & Drape 2.0®, Pipe & Base 2.0®, 2.0® and the Crown Logo are trademarks and property of Versatop Support Systems, LLC - used with permission

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