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Chain Rail combines the versatile E Rail track system with the precision of a chain driven system. The aluminum construction makes this track easy to handle. The E Rail carriers provide almost silent operation, making this an ideal choice for stage, conference hall, and architectural installations. The dimensions of Chain Rail track are 3-1/8” wide x 3-7/8” high. The chain is neatly guided in UHMW to allow this track to go places many other tracks can’t.

The top and sides of the Chain Rail are identical to Chaintrack and are designed to accept standard channel nuts for attaching suspension fittings, drive components and joint bars. Motors can be mounted either above or below the track. The opposite end has a chain tensioning device that consists of a large diameter Duplex chain sprocket and a pair of idler guides. The chain tension can be adjusted by rotating a central bolt.

The Chain Rail master carrier is fitted with a drive comb that is mounted on the side of the carrier and engages the chain. It is retained by bolts that allow the drive to be easily disengaged during commissioning. The chain can be bedded in and tensioned prior to the load being applied. With this drive arrangement, the chain is only being used to pull the load; the weight is carried by the track extrusion. Chain Rail can be curved to a minimum radius of 24”. Depending on overall track length and the load being carried, S-Curves are also possible.

Ordering a track system for drapery or scenery requires some expert advice. Get great advice and track system pricing quickly by submitting a request for a Custom Track System Quote online. Once your quote request is submitted, we’ll contact you to validate information and guide you through the selection process. Don’t worry if you don’t have all answers upfront. We’re here to help.

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