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Triple E CHAINRAIL Motorized Curtain Track System

The Rose Brand/Triple E CHAINRAIL is a unique curtain track system that pairs a low profile (1.5” high) I-beam style aluminum track extrusion with a motorized, chain drive system that uses a roller chain guided by continuous low-friction UHMW plastic guide channels to propel the master carrier.

This continuous chain guide system eliminates all of the ropes, idler pulleys and other rope guides that are found on cord operated systems. CHAINRAIL systems therefore are much more reliable, technically elegant, visually clean and have higher weight capacities than cord operated systems.

CHAINRAIL systems are custom configured for each project and can configured as one way draw or bi-parting. The system can be adapted to fit almost any possible track layout and mounting scenario, with the only real constraint being a minimum of a 24” radius turns.

CHAINRAIL systems have been installed world wide in venues such as theatres, churches, casinos, museums, cruise ships and have recently been installed for serpentine security curtains in retail establishments. The possibilities are endless.


Back Pack Guides are used on traditional cord operated straight traveler tracks to prevent the curtain from stacking until the curtain reaches the storage (stack) area. The curtains will not fold, or stack, while on stage. This is sometimes called a "sliding door" affect, since the curtain appears to be moving as a fixed panel rather than gathering as it moves.

Up until now, this effect has been impossible to achieve with curved tracks. Rose Brand has developed an exclusive approach to creating this effect with the CHAINRAIL track system. This opens up a number of never before available possibilities. For example, a flat curtain with a digitally printed image can now remain flat while in view of the audience as it travels in and out of storage. This can typically allow for more efficient stacking of curtains in tight curtain pockets and storage locations.

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100’ Long x 30‘ High, Serpentine CHAINRAIL Track
Installed at The Heights Church, Richardson Tx.

Heights Church Stage with black curtain hung with Chainrail motorized curtain track

Due to limited support options, this track used a 12" aluminum entertainment truss as a backbone and was supported by suspension points as far apart as 15’. Chainrail motorized curtain track hung from truss


Chain Driven Master Carrier

Chainrail chain driven master carrier

Chain Tensioner

Chainrail chain tensioner


two-column table displaying chainrail specifications

Section Showing Typical Chain Rail Track Components Suspended Version

suspended Chainrail installation diagram

Section Showing Typical Chain Rail Track Components Low Profile Ceiling Mount Version

ceiling mounted Chainrail installation diagram

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Chainbeam curtain track section
Rose Brand/Triple E CHAINBEAM is similar in design and concept to CHAINRAIL, but it is a much more robust design that allows for much heavier point loads for the movement of heavy rigid panels as well as curtains. Individual carriers can safely support up to 848 lbs and the system has been used to successfully automate video walls and scenery weighing thousands of pounds.

Chaintrack curtain track section
Rose Brand/Triple E CHAINTRACK is a unique curtain track system that allows curtains to turn up to 180 degrees in as little as a 2” radius. In addition to very tight turns, this also allows a unique Serpentine stacking of curtains that allows curtain storage in tight spaces not possible with any other system.

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