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General purpose, water-based and white scenic adhesives are perfect for gluing fabrics to fabrics, fabrics to wood, foam to wood or fabric and many other combinations of materials common in scene shops.

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RoBo Glue

A general purpose glue that dries clear and remains flexible, RoBo glue is perfect for felt, paper and fabrics.
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Price Ranges
$6.00 - $1,455.40

Fasten Master HB220 Hot Glue Gun with Adjustable Temperature

A professional grade glue gun designed for all day use.
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Price Ranges
Cut $120.10
Full Piece $108.09

Flex Glue

A water-based adhesive can be used where a "white" glue with flexibility is needed.
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Glue Sticks for Hot Glue Gun

High strength and General purpose Glue sticks.
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Price Ranges
$7.75 - $12.50

Rosco Flexbond™

A water-based scenic glue that dries to a clear, pliable coating.
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Price Ranges
$56.40 - $251.10

Rose Brand Glue

Our general purpose, water-based white glue sets quickly and dries clear.
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Price Ranges
Cut $18.00 - $700.00
Full Piece $16.20 - $70.20