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Shown above: rectangular SpanFrame implementation for large projection screens.

SpanFrame™ is a modular structural extrusion system that simplifies the design, construction, and installation of open frames and 3D shapes. It's perfect for large projection screens and printed graphics!

SpanFrame is unique in its ability to span up to 20 feet with minimal deflection, and it's tooled to accept a wide variety of connection hardware, including industry-standard strut nuts. Easy to splice, corner, connect and attach, the possibilities for using SpanFrame™ are virtually limitless. Call or email for more information or to order.

  • Robust 2" x 4" custom profile of high-strength aluminum.
    • Long spans without internal support means no shadows or obstructions.
    • Suitable for stages, tables, and scenic elements.
    • Clean elegant look fits in retail or architectural environments.
  • Machined for strut-nut attachment on all 4 sides.
    • Easy to attach whatever is needed.
  • Center profile can be threaded for 3/8 bolt or threaded rod.
    • Attach end cap for vertical hanging, among other uses.
  • Anodized matte black
    • "invisible" on stage.

If you are looking for a frame for scrims, bobbinettes, screens or muslin to deal with hourglassing or puckering, see our Rose Brand Stretcher Frame System.

SpanFrame™ Components (Call For Pricing)

A 2 x 4 Beam, 20 ft
B 2-Way Corner 18" x 18"
C Splice Block
D 1/2" Strut Nut
E 3-Way Corner Bracket
F 4-Way Corner Bracket
G Offset Tee Bracket
H In-line Tee Bracket

SpanFrame™ Section View of Extrusion

SpanFrame™ In Use

Rose Brand Framing System, 20' x 15' Front-White-160 Premium Projection Screen; Dolphin Resort in Orlando, FL; Pro Vision Productions, Inc. Example of typical Cube Frame Construction using SpanFrame beam and bracket components.


Click here to see a technical drawing of how we used SpanFrame to build Rose Brand's 60 foot long sewing and layout tables.

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Use SpanFrame to create frames for projection screens and printed graphics.

Also see The Rose Brand Stretcher Frame System to fix extreme “hourglassing”

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