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Wire Rope Tools

Handy tools for cutting and splicing wire rope and crimping swage fittings. Find a wire rope tool for your needs. Top brands such as Nicopress and Felco.

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Nicopress® In Line Battery Power Swaging Tool 5606M

Battery-powered 5606M compression tool for use with Nicopress® sleeves and dies, for convenient and quick wire rope splicing tasks.
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Nicopress® Swaging Tools

Swaging tool used to crimp swage fittings. Available in three sizes.
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$285.00 - $750.00

Felco Cable Cutters

Felco C-7, C-9, C-12, and C-16 (pictured)for cutting various sizes of cables.
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$155.00 - $675.00

Nicopress® Wire Rope Cutters

Clean cuts on wire rope up to 3/16"
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