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Cutting and Routing Services

Do you have to cut hundreds of snowflakes quickly? Make an intricate foliage drop? Need lots of long, accurate strips or ribbons?
Let Rose Brand lighten your labor load by cutting items like these for you on our state of the art Zund G3 digital cutting table. This versatile tool offers many capabilities to reduce your build time and cost. With a 10ft wide, continuous feed vacuum table, we can cut roll to roll flexible substrates like fabric, projection screen, dance floor, wallpaper, vinyl and so many more.

In addition, the Zund’s powerful 5HP router head will move quickly through all types of rigid substrates – plywood, acoustical board, acrylic, even metals. We can work from a CAD file, Illustrator drawing, or even just your napkin sketch. The precise computer-controlled cutting means you get exactly what you expect – edges perfectly aligned, identical repeat elements, smooth curves, all accurately sized and cleanly cut. Trust Rose Brand’s dependable service and quick delivery to make labor intensive cutting easy.

Perfect for:

  • Masking templates and stencils
  • Intricate patterns
  • High volume cutting
  • Sample Designs
  • Custom-shaped acoustical panels
  • Continuous long cuts
  • Accurate smooth curves
  • Bevels and miters
  • Curtain appliques
  • Wallpaper designs
  • Silhouettes
  • Surface enhancements
  • Custom cutouts
  • Engraving

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