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SAO™ Eco-friendly Disinfectant Against COVID, Viruses & Bacteria

99.99% Effective Against COVID, Other Viruses and Bacteria.
Works Better Than Harsh Chemicals, Plus It's Faster, Less Expensive, AND Green Seal Certified.

For the safety of your staff and audience it's more important than ever to disinfectant every corner of your stage & event environment. Now you can do this quickly and effectively without any harsh chemicals or cleaners. Now you can use SAO and just plain water.

The new SAO-24 Generator from Tersano creates a powerful, eco-friendly solution from ordinary tap water, which disinfects, cleans, & deodorizes almost anything in your venue or production. If you can apply a fine mist of water onto a surface, then you can apply SAO. Use the SAO generator, a compact wall-mounted unit, for large jobs such as disinfecting, cleaning and deodorizing curtains, draperies, and floors. Use the handheld, battery powered SAO iClean Pro for spot treatment of smaller, high touch surfaces such as furniture, props, headpieces, and costumes.

SAO uses a genius, patented process that infuses tap water with additional oxygen particles (O3) to create Stabilized Acqueous Ozone[*]. The additional oxygen particles bind to a wide range of virus and bacteria cells to completely neutralize them. It also binds to dirt so it can be swept away. Surfaces become virtually virus-free, bacteria-free, odor-free, and clean. It works almost instantly and much faster than bleach or harsh chemicals. Organizations have replaced their other disinfecting and cleaning solutions with SAO because it's better, faster, eco-friendly and less expensive to use.

  • 50X more powerful and 3000X faster acting than bleach
  • 99.99% effective on bacteria and viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 which causes Covid-19
  • 100% safe for people, animals and the environment
  • No odor or residue left behind
  • EPA registration No. 89093-CAN-01 and Greenseal Certified GS-37 and GS-53
  • Sustainable and reduced carbon footprint (you're using tap water instead of chemicals transported long distances in bottles)

Use the SAO oxygenated water as a sanitizer and disinfectant for up to 24 hours, and as a cleaner for up to 6 days, after which it turns back into just plain water and dispersed oxygen. All that is needed to clean surfaces as well as neutralize nearly all viruses, bacteria and odors, is a fine SAO mist applied to a surface, which dries in minutes.

Numerous organizations use SAO to sanitize, disinfect, clean and deodorize their facilities, including schools, airports, businesses and ballparks (e.g., Ford, American Express, Citigroup, Stanford University, University of Michigan, Petco Park Stadium, ARAMARK Services...). The product has been tested & proven by multiple organizations to be effective against COVID, plus 99.99% of other viruses and bacteria.

SAO products include the following:

SAO Generator (formerly known as Lotus Pro)
The SAO Generator is a compact, wall mounted device that produces up to 3 gallons of SAO™ per minute. The SAO Generator can be used to fill portable sprayers, buckets and tanks. Each of its replaceable cartridges makes 800 gallons of SAO solution. Size: 14” w x 22” h x 6” d (35.5cm x 55.9cm x 15.2cm)

SAO Handheld Device
SAO iClean Mini is a handheld, battery powered spray unit that produces SAO™ on demand and is perfect for spot treating furniture, props, costumes and other high touch surfaces. Recharge it in a standard wall socket for 1 hour. A single replaceable cartridge produces 1000 sprays.

SAO Cartridges
SAO cartridges are a patent-protected filtration system. Cold water enters the cartridge, where resins remove select contaminants. Once stabilized, this water is ready to be infused with ozone and creates SAO™.
  • SAO-24 Cartridge dispenses 3,000 litres of SAO which last up to 24 hours as a sanitizer and 6 days as a cleaner.
  • iClean Mini Replacement Cartridge 4-Pack keeps your device performing like new to disinfect, sanitize and deodorize surfaces. Change your cartridge after use with a gallon of water or every 3 months, whichever comes first.

[*]SAO oxygenated water is called "stabilized acqueous ozone," which is completely different than gaseous ozone (a dangerous greenhouse gas). Acqueous ozone is 100% safe for use around people, animals and vegetation, and 100% harmless to the environment.

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SAO Generator 24

SAO Generator 24 (formerly knows as Lotus Pro) is a compact, wall mounted device that produces SAO solution, a powerful disinfecting and cleaning solution that's 99.99% effective against COVID and other viruses and bacteria.
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SAO® iClean Mini

SAO iClean Mini is a handheld, battery powered spray unit that produces SAO™ solution on demand. SAO solution is 99.99% effective at spot disinfection of COVID and nearly all other viruses & bacteria. Yet it's safe for humans, animals, vegetation and the
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SAO-24 Replacement Cartridge (800G)

The SAO-24 Cartridge is compatible with the SAO-24 Generator. The cartridge dispenses 3,000 litres of SAO, which lasts up to 24 hours as a disinfectant/sanitizer and 6 days as a cleaner.
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SAO® iClean Mini Replacement Cartridge 4-Pack

These SAO iClean Mini refill cartridges will keep your iClean Mini device performing like new. Replace your cartridge every three months, or after use with a gallon of water (whichever comes first).
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Sen Safe Ozone Test Strip – 50 Strips

Test strips are used to determine the acqueous ozone level of the SAO solution, which indicates its level of efficacy for disinfecting and cleaning. Test new batches of SAO solution only once since each dip test depletes the level of ozone in the solution
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PROscrub Deep Cleaner

PROscrub deep cleaner is an excellent complement to your SAO daily cleaning regimen. Powerful and safe, it lifts years of built-up chemical residues, dirt, grime and grease in just minutes. It's particularly effective on grout and in other crevices.
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