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All elements of the 120’ system were assembled and tested prior to shipment to insure a quick and easy 2-hour setup at the customer venue.

Rose Brand offers Stage Rigging and Technical Project Management services for the design and installation of any curtain, curtain track, or rigging solution. We help customers realize their creative vision and overcome the inevitable production obstacles along the way. Were particularly expert at providing creative solutions to unique problems. Rose Brand will direct, teach and supervise your crew, or bring in our own, depending on your needs. Our network of partners enables us to support clients nationwide. The case studies below highlight just some of the capabilities that we offer. Please contact us to see how we can help you realize your goals.

Modular System Design & Rigging for Opera San Jose

Rose Brand provided a wide array of products and services for the new production of Idomeneo at the magnificent Opera San Jose. The engagement started as a soft goods project and then evolved into rigging products and services when we were asked to install the drapery and digitally printed pieces that we produced for the show. Project challenges included development of a rigging solution that was sufficiently adaptable for touring purposes, and which enabled easy storage, transport, load-in, operation, and load-out.

Our solution included a modular rigging system with a unique S-shaped truss, S-shaped curtain track, and sound dampening components for silent operation. The solution also featured a reversible configuration that allowed curtains to stack either stage left or right, depending on the need of a given venue on the tour. Importantly, Rose Brand engineered, assembled and tested the 120’ system before shipment to insure easy setup on site. Once on site, the modular components needed just 2 hours to set up. Each module consisted of customized Tomcat truss, customized ADC curtain tracks, ADC motors & controllers, as well as customized storage and transportation carts. In all, Rose Brand provided:

  • System design services
  • Rigging services
  • Soft goods
  • Modular hardware, motors & controllers

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