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Animation & Video Curtain (Low Res)

10'x36' Animation Curtain Viewed at 30' Distance

Amazing Video Effects

Rose Brand’s ShowLED Animation Curtain adds excitement, color and movement to any set design or event backdrop. And now you can get it in standard, high output and waterproof varieties as well.

The Animation Curtain features randomly positioned LEDs that act as individual pixels to display low resolution video loops, flash animations and still images. Randomly positioned LEDs render organic shapes exquisitely and provide the following additional benefits compared to grid pattern LED curtains:

  1. Random positioning requires fewer LEDs to render images, so you can use the Animation Curtain effectively in a smaller scale (which translates to lower cost).
  2. Random LEDs are more forgiving for multiple curtain panel installations, as the curtains will almost always look perfectly aligned when placed adjacent to one another. On the other hand, since grid pattern curtains display LEDs in straight rows and columns, the curtains will often appear to sag if the adjacent curtain panels aren’t perfectly aligned.
  3. While a burned out LED is barely noticeable in a random setup, it’s quite obvious on a grid. This can lead to higher maintenance costs for the grid, since the burned out LEDs require immediate replacement.

Simple, Lightweight, Easy to Install & Configure

Our new Animation Curtains are easy to configure so it saves you a ton on hiring an outside technician. It’s also lightweight so you can install it without the cost of a big crew or heavy machinery. A standard 10' H x 36' curtain weighs less than 100 lbs. You can fold it, wrap it, drape it, stack it, use it as a ceiling curtain, or install it as a backdrop on a track system. We can also use different types of fabric to achieve any look that you desire.

Plus, unlike other low resolution video curtains, the Animation Curtain comes with a small, simple, lightweight power control unit. So there are no mammoth control racks and you can even mount the power control on a batten if desired.

Exceptional Compatibility

The Animation Curtain is compatible with just about any media server. A typical Animation Curtain configuration includes the following items, all of which are supplied with curtain purchase (except for the media server):

  • Media server (video playback device)
  • ShowLED V-Box (converts the media server video signal into the Animation Curtain protocol)
  • Switch (connects the V-box to the controller)
  • Controller (distributes the media signal to the curtain LEDs)
  • Animation Curtain/s

9'x127' Animation Curtain Viewed from Afar

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