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ShowLED Chameleon Drops

ShowLED Chameleon Drops are the favorite choice when ease of use and plug & play capabilities are the top priority. They were developed to be durable, lightweight and flexible. Chameleon's RGB LED wide-angle, high intensity light cuts through high, ambient light conditions for spectacular colorful effects. The Chameleon controller can be easily programmed for color changes, twinkling effects, and chases in stand-alone mode, but is versatile enough to run through a complex DMX-triggered cue sequence programmed into a lighting control board. Controllers can be easily blinked to control several curtains joined together into a very large drop with a single control.

If you’d like to build a star drop curtain yourself, all of the necessary electronic-related tools and components are shown below.

Ask about our small-scale Chameleon as well, which can save you a bundle. The small-scale Chameleons are available in curtain sizes up to 128 sq. feet and work with a maximum of 64 LEDs. They come with a mini-controller, enabling a limited set of features that are perfectly appropriate for curtains of modest size. The Chameleon mini-controller enables you to choose a single LED color from its 16 pre-programmed colors; or create your own single color by mixing the intensity of its red, green and blue LEDs; or to use a pre-set multi-colored display. The mini-controller enables 4 preset star drop chase patterns and the ability to adjust chase speed and light intensity.

ShowLED originated as a set of components to attach to a variety of materials including wood, metal, glass, cardboard, stonework, PVC and all smooth-surfaced fabrics. Its versatility makes it possible to install stars in costumes, floors, walls or ceilings and then later remove them for reuse in other projects.

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Chameleon Star Drop by ShowLED

Our Chameleon Star Drop features ShowLED in colors, which is the most reliable and easiest to use star drop curtain on the market.
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Hook and Loop Washers (Loop)

Each socket on your ShowLED requires a color loop washer that goes on the back of your curtain around the socket hole.
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Chameleon Socket Strings with RGB LEDs

Create your own LED star effects with separate components for installation.
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$165.00 - $202.00

Chameleon 4 pin XLR Connector

Cable links a connector box to the Chameleon Controller.
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Chameleon RGB Spare LED

Spare LED bulbs for Chameleon ShowLED.
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