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For decades, Rose Brand has played a leading role in making our customers’ productions look their very best. Select a featured production below to see how we’ve worked to make our clients proud!

Midland Center for the Arts, Midland, MI

Midland Center for the Arts chose Rose Brand to replace their Boucle Signature Drape. Using Velour (latex-backed 25 oz. Prestige) it gave the drape more life and stronger contrasts.

Product: Latex Backed 25 oz Prestige

The center's Boucle Signature Drape was built in 1970 with the original design by Alden Dow. Rather than recreate the original, the drape was re-envisioned closer to what Dow originally sought to achieve. Using Velour it gave the drape more life and stronger contrasts and the slightly reconfigured geometry makes it read better to the audience while eliminating a part of the geometry error caused by the fullness.