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For decades, Rose Brand has played a leading role in making our customers’ productions look their very best. Select a featured production below to see how we’ve worked to make our clients proud!

Indiana University Musical Arts Center

Indiana University Musical Theatre replaced their Grand Drape with drapes and swags in 25 oz. Charisma, using over 1100 yards of fabric!

The 34-year-old grand drape at the University of Indiana Musical Arts Center, Jacobs School of Music, which features some of the best acoustical design and technical capabilities in the nation, was in disrepair, and Rose Brand came to the rescue. The size and weight of the curtain prohibited our fabricators from viewing the curtain as a whole before shipping, but having used the French festoon drapery method, which is based on mathematical measurements and flat patterns, everything worked beautifully! The curtain and swags required 1100 yards of IFR 25 oz. Charisma and weighed 2000 pounds. The center swag is 33' high and 54' wide.
Photo: Mike Schwandt
Special thanks to Jim Lile and Paul Brunner for their assistance in obtaining this photograph.