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For decades, Rose Brand has played a leading role in making our customers’ productions look their very best. The portfolio below is organized into six sections, each with numerous projects from which you can view photography and a brief description. Choose the section of interest from the links below:
Theatrical Curtains
Theatrical Scenic Treatments
Event Fabrics In Use
Projection Surfaces
Digital Printing On Seamless Fabrics Up To 160'x16'
Cool Projects That Don't Fit Into The Above Categories

ShowLED Animation Curtain

A look at the ShowLED Animation Curtain in various applications.

The ShowLED Animatin Curtain adds excitement, color and movement to any set design or event backdrop. And now you can get it in standard, high output and waterproof varieties as well.

Our Animation Curtains are easy to configure and lightweight so you can install without the cost of a big crew or heavy machinery. You can fold it, wrap it, drape it, stack it, use it as a ceiling curtain, or install it as a backdrop on a track system. We can use different types of fabric to achieve any look that you desire. Plus, unlike other low resolution video curtains, the Animation Curtain comes with a small, simple, lightweight power control unit, so there are no mammoth control racks and you can even mount the power control on a batten if desired. The Animation Curtain is compatible with just about any media server.

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