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10'-9" to 35' Sharkstooth Scrim, FR, Rental

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10'-9" to 35' Sharkstooth Scrim, FR
More Info  CA State Fire Marshal Registration 2013-14 Lighting a Scrim, by Peter Monahan Sample FR Certificate Specifications Sheet <i>The Nutcracker</i>, American Ballet Theatre Prince Music Theatre, Myths + Hymns Cobalt Studio - Black Scrim 42nd Street Tour Staten Island Ballet - The Nutcracker
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Open-weave 100% cotton net, 8 point, 2 thread scrim is commonly used for the "bleed-through" effect, giving the illusion of magically revealing items on a stage. It can be painted, sewn into a finished drop, or attached to a frame or scenery. The "tooth" of the scrim will normally be vertical, but the scrim will be just as effective if the tooth is horizontal. This allows a more effective use of the width of the scrim.
Black and White are available for rent.
How do I create the magic of scrim? It's all in the lighting. If the scrim is lit at a very sharp angle, either from the top or from the sides, such that any light passing through the scrim "buries" itself just upstage (or offstage) of the scrim, and the stage behind the scrim is kept absolutely dark, the scrim will appear opaque. As the area behind the scrim is lit, the screen will appear to "bleed through" the scrim. Take all of the lights off the scrim itself, and it will become virtually invisible. To make this effect even better, have a blackout drape behind he scrim, which is flown out just before illuminating the scene behind the scrim. Download the PDF file below for more information.

Read more on How to Light a Sharkstooth Scrim, parts One, Two and Three on our Blog.

Width - Weight per linear yard (in pounds)
12' - .6
15'-6" - .78
19'-6" - 1.01
25' - 1.34
30' - 1.64
35' - 2.0
39' - 2.22
CAFM reg. #F-54507
Meets British FR Standards for Drapery Fabrics
This item is also available for purchase.
NOTE: Identify product specifics such as dimensions, quantity and color when you fill out the 'Obtain a Rental Quote' form.
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