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For decades, Rose Brand has played a leading role in making our customers’ productions look their very best. The portfolio below is organized into six sections, each with numerous projects from which you can view photography and a brief description. Choose the section of interest from the links below:
Theatrical Curtains
Theatrical Scenic Treatments
Event Fabrics In Use
Projection Surfaces
Digital Printing On Seamless Fabrics Up To 160'x16'
Cool Projects That Don't Fit Into The Above Categories

Printed Canvas Backdrop Shimmers with White LEDs

The 15'H x 40'W canvas with 48 white LEDs provided the Southeast Christian Church with the perfect backdrop for its "Wishing For This" concert series.

Southeast Christian Church; Parkes, CO
Mike Orr, Creative Director
Mitch Bolton, Graphic Designer
Mike Orr, Lighting Design