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At up to 65% off, many of our discount store items won’t last long. Choose from fabric remnants, closeouts, seconds, ready-made curtains, as well as non-fabric items. After just one week, many of these one of a kind values will be gone. See the category links on the left to navigate to your areas of interest. All sales are final. No returns and no exchanges.

Since we cannot be sure of the date of manufacture of FR fabrics and draperies in the Discount Store, flame retardant certificates will not be issued for FR close-out purchases. However, IFR fabrics and draperies are flame resistant for the life of the fabric, as long as they are clean and well maintained. Rose Brand will issue flame retardant certificates on request for IFR close-out sales only.

You'll also want to sign up on Twitter to be the first to know about new items that we add to the Discount Store. We'll be tweeting just as the new Discount Store items get added to the web site, so they may not last long. Bargain hunters...begin!

If you’re searching for a brand new curtain or a rental instead, please see our web pages for Custom Sewn Curtains or Rentals, or contact us by phone (800-223-1624) or email.

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