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Powdered Flame Retardants

Just add Water! Pre-measured packets quickly dissolve in water for spraying, painting, rolling or immersion treatments. Concentrations are pre-determined - no measuring needed. Each mixed gallon will treat 150 to 200 square feet of fabric. Use the lowest concentration that is effective and best preserves the "hand" of your fabric. Any treatments will wash out with water.

NOTE: Longevity of any FR additive depends on the use of the treated fabric (and how much it is handled) and the environment (mostly humidity and environmental changes) in which the treated fabric lives. It also depends on whether the treated fabric is clean or has been accumulating dust (stage dust, shop dust) and/or air-borne oil particles (from a restaurant or cafeteria kitchen).

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FF4 Powder (for blends)

FF-4 powder makes the strongest solution for natural and synthetic fibers, blends and wood.
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Price Ranges
$122.38 - $574.43

FF2 Powder (for natural fibers)

For natural fibers with reduced absorbency, such as silk and rayon.
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Price Ranges
$53.84 - $242.26

FF3 Powder (for 100% polyester)

For natural and synthetic fibers that have good absorbency, such as muslin drops.
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Price Ranges
$89.91 - $412.09