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Case Study: Stage Curtain Rigging Inspection, Design & Implementation

Newark Academy's new double purchase line sets
We had previously worked with Newark Academy School to provide new custom stage curtains. So they contacted us again to ask if we could help renovate their stage. Given that the school was built in the 1960s, the stage rigging needed to be brought up to modern day standards. Rose Brand Technical Services supplied both new rigging design, equipment and installation.

We started with an on-site inspection to assess the condition of the current rigging and determine the needed improvements. The renovation involved provision and installation of new counterweight line sets and winched electrics. The old line sets consisted of hemp rope, aircraft cable and terminations from the original installation, all of which were anchored into the wood floor that lay atop a concrete base. The old winches were mounted to cinderblock walls.

Rose Brand upgraded the rigging from single purchase line sets to double purchase line sets with a steel framework locking rail. This provided more usable stage height by allowing the battens to trim out higher. We also mounted the new winches and anchored the locking rail to the concrete floor for greater security.

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