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Animation Waterproof (ShowLED)

Our brilliant Animation Curtain, adapted for outdoor use. It combines weatherproof RGB LEDs, cabling and Kenny Net netting to provide superb low resolution video at wide viewing angles. The netting also enables a transparency effect. Water, wind, dust and UV proof. Conforms to the EN 60529:1991 and A1:2000 standards, with a fully certified IP X7 rating. For fixed, temporary installations. Fully compatible with existing ShowLED Animation controllers and software. Let your imagination run wild!!

The waterproof system is fully compatible with the existing ShowLED Animation controllers and software, and the ease of use and flexibility is even higher.

ShowLED Animation Waterproof is a custom designed and developed chain of components to fulfill the requirement of a water, wind, dust and UV proof solution.

The IP X7-rated version of the Animation LED strings, in combination with a rugged high tech netting, is ready to resist the most severe weather conditions (rain, snow and burning sun).
UV proof cabling and moulded connectors offer a system conform the EN 60529:1991 + A1:2000 standards.
When integrated in other outdoor fabrics or a durable netting, the Waterproof Animation system introduces previously unheard of flexibility and capabilities for outdoor LED and Video entertainment.

IFR black polyester netting. Water and UV resistant. 10x10mm mesh. Call for custom sizes, shapes and LED densities.

  • Water and UV proof cabling with moulded connectors
  • Custom lens applied to the molded LED sockets
  • Conforms to EN 60529:1991 + A1:2000 standards
  • Fully certified IP X7 rating
  • 3000 Hz dimmer modulation frequency

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